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July: BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Month is a time to raise awareness around the unique mental health concerns and needs of diverse racial and ethnic populations. 

Disadvantaged and underrepresented individuals and communities may experience unique hardships that can worsen mental health, which can be further complicated by barriers that may limit their access to mental health help when needed. 

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Heat Safety
heat safety

Stay Safe In The Heat

BAC members across the country regularly work in conditions outdoors in direct sunlight or in enclosed spaces that are not climate-controlled. This leads construction workers to suffer from heat-related illnesses and, in severe cases, death.

Before working in extreme heat, review the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) checklists: Overall Heat-Illness Prevention Program Checklist for Construction and Daily Heat-Illness Prevention Checklist for Construction

OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention campaign educates employers and workers on heat hazards and provides resources to keep workers safe. 


What We Care About

Unions help working people in America keep and improve their legal rights to safe, healthy and fair conditions at work.


Register for Scaffold User/OSHA 10 Training

This class offers in person Scaffold user/10-hour training. Please follow link to register. Classes will only be scheduled once we reach the minimum of 6 participants. At which point you will be notified of the scheduled dates. If you would prefer online training, please visit the "SAFETY AND HEALTH" tab for more information on how to complete this training online.