Safety and Health

Safety First!

The BAC Apprenticeship Local 4, first and foremost is committed to the safety of the member. As part of that commitment, The apprenticesip program provides Scaffold User training and OSHA-10 training. As spelled out in the OSHA standards, safety training is the key to creating a safer work environment. Our goal is to create a safer work environment for the member through safety training and awareness. This training will help you recognize the potential hazards associated within the construction industry. The overall goal is to help each and every member be better fit for duty.

OSHA-10 training is provided in two parts. Part 1 is 5 hours of Scaffold User Training. This training provides a Scaffold User Certification. This class reviews scaffold safety and it's use, along with other related safety topics. Part 2 is an additional 5 hours of safety training per the OSHA standards and is required to complete the OSHA-10 training. OSHA-10 classes are held in the evenings and are scheduled on a minimum basis of 12 students. For more information or to sign up please call the office at 626-856-5750.

Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Training is requirement to work on all quarry's, namely cement plant's. This training can be obtained by an outside source free of charge. Training is available in San Bernardino, for more information or to sign up call 909-888-3942.

Online Safety Training - The online training is for BAC LOCAL 4 MEMBERS ONLY. If you are a member of local 4 you may download the "Safety Training Online Request Form" and Direction below.