Training Programs

Each year, new apprentices are needed to keep up with the workforce demands and replace those who have reached retirement age. As with any career in today’s competitive job market, employers are looking for employees that are responsible, dependable, hard working, and have a desire to learn. Add to that, the basic skills and knowledge of the craft through Apprenticeship Training, you will be the employee our contractors are looking for.

BRICKLAYING - consists of the laying or installation of any brick or block made of any material, vitreous, burnt clay, cement, glass, adobe, cinder, shale, metal or any substitute material of any size, thickness – recognized as, but not limited to, 1/2 inch nominal thickness and above, shape or weight, brick and interlocking paving regardless of whether laid in sand or mortar, the application of thin brick veneer and terra cotta regardless of the method of application and the fabrication and setting of all brick panels, whether fabricated on or off the jobsite.

MARBLE SETTER - consists of, but is not limited to,the following work procedures and installation of the following materials: The carving, cutting and setting of all marble, cultured marble, slate, including slate blackboards, stone, albereen, carrara, sanl onyx, vitrolite, and similar opaque glass, scagliola, marbleithic, and all artificial, imitation or cast marble of any thickness or dimension. This shall apply to all interior work, such as sanitary, decorative and other purposes inside of buildings of every description wherever required, including all polish, honed or sand finish; also the cutting and fitting of above materials after the material leaves mills or shops, as well as all accessories in connection with such work, and the laying of all marble tile, slate tile and terrazzo tile, cultured marble and corian. All referenced materials in this paragraph including, but not limited to, materialswith a nominal thickness of 1/2 inch or greater are under the jurisdiction of the Marble Mason, regardless of the type of anchoring or adhesion system used, including mechanical, mortar, or thin-set mortar with or without polymers or additives. 

STONEMASON - consists of the laying or installation of granite, marble and any stone, natural or artificial, made from any material, of any size, shape or weight and regardless of the method of erection, installation, cementation, mechanical, bolted or welded, provided qualified
members are available for employment, and includes the placing of stones in precast panels, consists of laying all rip-rap, rubble work, with or without mortar, setting all cut stone, marble, slate or stone work (meaning as to stone, any work manufactured from such foreign or domestic products as are specified and used in the interior or on the exterior of buildings by architects, and customarily called "stone" in the trade). Stonemasonry shall also consist of cutting all shoddies, broken ashlar or random ashlar that is roughly dressed upon beds and joints, and range ashlar not over ten inches in height; the dressing of all jibs, corners and ringstones that are roughly dressed upon the beds, joints or reveals, and the cutting of a draft upon same for plumbing purposes only; and the cleaning, cutting of joints and pointing of stone work. 

REFRACTORY, FIREPROOFING AND ACID RESISTANT MASONRY - consists of the laying or installation of firebrick, welding of studs for anchors, any anchoring system, ceramic fiber, wire mesh or installation of all refractory, fireproofing and acid resistant materials, laying out of all brick and placing by any means all refractory and acid resistant materials, including but not limited to pouring, pounding, ramming, pointing, plastering, guniting and spraying of these materials.

POINTING, CAULKING, CLEANING - of all types of masonry, caulking of all frames encased in masonry on brick, block or stone structures, including all grinding and cutting out of such work and steam cleaning, also the use of special mortars in addition to portland cement mortars such as, but
not limited to, epoxies, plastics, etc.