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Mentorship Matters for a safe, productive, high-quality workforce.

Successful mentorship is a critical element in building a high-quality workforce and has been shown to positively affect productivity, safety, quality, and client relations on the job. Nowhere is this more important than in the trades where 80% of learning happens on the job and mentorship is recognized as the key to developing qualified journeypersons.

The Mentorship Matters training program includes two key components:

  • Mentorship workshops offer specialized training for skilled workers and apprentices on the principles and behaviors required to be good mentors or mentees, and

  • On-the-job tools ensure those learned mentoring behaviors 'stick' on the job. 

Please follow the link to sign up for this training.

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This class offers in person Scaffold user/10-hour training. Please follow link to register. Classes will only be scheduled once we reach the minimum of 6 participants. At which point you will be notified of the scheduled dates. If you would prefer online training, please visit the "SAFETY AND HEALTH" tab for more information on how to complete this training online.


This is a reminder for safety and health training classes. Check out the "SAFETY AND HEALTH" tab for more information.  

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